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~Chap 1: "What is done cannot be undone." -Lady Macbeth

Sam knew very well that the person smiling in the mirror couldn't be and wasn't him. He turned away from the mirror in  hopes that the horrid image of whats built up inside of him has faded and only become a figment of his imagination. "So much for wishfull thinking Sam..." With a horrified look on his face, Sam turned around and looked at the image in the mirror. "Boo." Sam yelled and backed away slowly as his eyes widened. Just then, the gruesome image in the mirror reached out to sam. Sam was scared. Same bloodied  white shirt and jeans, same hoodie, same blood lust filled eyes.

The image in the mirror grabbed onto Sam's hoodie, making him vomit a little into the sink. He looked up at his mirror image. Then, with every ounce of fear appearing in his voice asked very silently, "Who are y-you...?" The gruesome and bloodied image replied very quantily, "Nothing but the image of what you have now become. You are exactly like me. You have chosen your path." The image came closer into Sam's face. "YOU.ARE.ME."

With a menacing smile on his face, He came out of the mirror. His skin paler and scarier then Sam's. "It was horrid being inside of that mirror so long. Being locked away.." he trailed his finger down to sam's heart. "Here." Sam looked horrified as his doppleganger brought his bloody finger down to his hoodie and crimson-white T-shirt. "W-why the hell are you here...?" The image laughed then let flames rise upon his hands. Sfter the flames came a bloodied knife. The gruesome image licked the knife clean of it blood. Sam's face flushed of any blood that was left in him, turning his skin as pale as the image before him. When the image looked up with the blood on his tongue, he recited every fact about the person that the blood beonged to. "Sherri Marcovich, blood B-, 17 and a valadictorian. Your brothers girlfriend whom  you fell inlove with.. but knew you couldnt have. You wanted her so bad.. You couldnt stand to see her suffer through yor brothers pain.. knowing you could do better han him. So you killed her... put her out of her misery... all for your bent up rage..." he smile baniacly. "For me."

Sam would never be able to explain this to himself. Not to anyone.
~Chap 1: "What is done cannot be undone.." ~ Lady Macbeth

Sam is your average 13 year old. Has Tension from school, jealousy issues, anger managment.. Once he releases all of that though.. what truly comes out of his actions, and can what he live with what hes done..?
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January 26, 2012
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